Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Brought the Cookies

Sushi and Sex in the City. Sweet combo. I went with Amy tonight and did both. She mixed and pack martinis for the movie. Another friend of hers came along and she too packed drinks. Crap. All I brought were cookies.

When did I turn into the girl that only brings a cookie? A few shorts months ago I planned a big expedition to Alice in Wonderland (once again with Amy) complete with dinner and drinks beforehand. That time the drinks were too plentiful and we kind of forgot about the movie plans. A and I went hungover the next morning. Apparently, I just miss the bullseye. Too little or too much. Next time I'll just remember that with alcohol you can't go wrong.

Enough of my rambling, I am sure you are just dying to hear about the movie. It was a good story. I'd watch it again if it was on T.V  mid channel-surf. Quite a bit of (almost awkward) one-liners and a couple times Lucille Ball popped into mind. The most entertaining part of the experience was quite possibly the other women. The theatre was packed and we were not the only ones imbibing There was a "screamer" and a "cackler" down in front and at the most dramatic moment a collective gasp.

Kinda crappy post. I literally spent a good portion of the movie writing this in my mind. Must've left those ideas under the seat, but it's late and I'm pumping. Too much info, people, I know. Too much info.


  1. You are talented, pumping and writing this. You must have one of those hideous looking bras with the holes cut into them so the nipple shields can be held in place sans hands. I for some reason never invested in one of those, and spent 12 months of my life hiding in the corner of my classroom, attached to my purple pump, staring at my poster of a river rodent wearing lab goggles that says "Do as you OTTER- wear your safety gear!", and another of a yellow lab dog wearing a lab coat that says "Always wear proper LAB attire!" Good God.

    And- I'm surprised there wasn't more substance abuse happening before the Alice-In -Wonderland-showing-that-never-happened incident!!! I suppose its trippy enough without it? I'm paranoid that "its" should've been "it's" right there.... it's intimidating commenting on your blog, HA!

  2. Hahaha I love the sound of your posters. I actually don't have one of those scary bras either- just a crazy awesome multi-tasker :)

    And it should have been "it's" because it is trippy enough :) but please comment away! I am going to go before I really overdo it on the smiley faces and re-post the squash post on here in honor of you following alabastercow