Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today: A Good Day

I'll try to catch you up on the last month (including Easter) later, but tonight I am going to tell you about my great day.

Momma had the hand, foot, and mouth (coxsackie virus) so she couldn't go to work and spread that kind of fun around. I guess I should come clean and let you know she got it from me. Whoopsie daisy. Sorry Momma! Well, it all worked out for me because we had an awesome day.

First thing this morning we went to the botanical gardens. Now that place is a workout! Momma says you don't have to run the whole time you're there, but I am pre-tty sure that you do. We spent more than an hour there and Momma says I didn't cooperate with her plan to take pictures. Its not my fault I am CRAZY FAST!!! 

 In the car we sang the ABC song a lot. Forwards and backwards. And we did letter sounds (you know "A" says Ah, "A" says Ah.....), and when we got to "D" Momma said some "D" words and I chimed in with "Da-da"! All on my own!

Then we went to the library and ran into William's mom. What luck!

The day was going SO great I decided I wasn't going to nap in case something else cool happened. That way I wasn't going to miss anything. I wore Momma down pretty quickly and helped her blow up my brand new swimming pool. It. is. enormous!!! Thanks Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandaddy! (It's my Easter present from them.) After it was all pumped up (and my giant lion and I had a chance to play in it in the living room) Momma and I squished it through the hallway to the backyard and I went swimming. And SLIDING! Because my new pool is SO BIG that my entire slide fits inside!

I went swimming again before dinner with Daddy. After we came in I helped set the table. I carried the salt and pepper, and silverware, and napkins all by myself. I ate TONS of zucchini and squash and then I helped clean up the table. I even carried the plates! 

Then I helped myself to a popsicle and a frozen waffle. And went for another swim.

Good morning! Just checking the outside.

Maybe I'll grow into them?

Told you I was fast!

Too bad Momma is so slow though.

Just gonna look at some stuff while I wait for Momma to catch up.

I was so sweaty my hair went wild.

 SEE?!?! It's enormous!

I did the slide like a hundred times.

Mmmmmmmmm.... frozen stuff. And then I swam again. I mean I HAD to wash off the sticky anyway.