Tuesday, June 1, 2010

alabaster cow...

...rocks my world. I am obsessively grammatically correct, (ok I try my darndest) but lower-cased the title in honor of one of my very favorite blog writers. Actually, she's my favorite. She was pretty much my favorite to begin with and THEN she featured me on her blog. Made my month. That's a big deal considering in the last month my kid (coolest boy in the universe, just sayin') learned to crawl, cruise the furniture, and got 4 teeth this month. So THANK YOU ERICKA AT ALABASTER COW!!!!!!!

If I am being honest (and I am always honest which is why you like me, right? Seriously I have decided I am honest to a fault- more on that later) I will admit to you folks that I have been meaning to tell you about Ericka's blog for weeks. WEEKS. I repeat for emphasis. She is funny. FUNNY. (ok that time I was making a joke with the caps) But she is freakin' hilarious. And she is an actual writer of novels. This is one of my dreams, but lately I have realized that I am too damn lazy to write a whole book. (More on that later, too) Also, I had been writing my kids blog from his point of view for months and had been iffy about my own. Ericka inspired me. Mostly because she cusses a lot and I like to cuss. If you're betting on my kids first word put your money on 'fuck'. But she is incredibly honest. To the point that I wish I could say some of the things she does, but I can't bring myself to do it. Yet. I also discovered through her that I can write and people will actually read it! Like more than my husband (whom I made a follower by logging in, using his e-mail address, and attaching a photo. And I am not convinced he reads it.) and a friend or two that I pay on a post by post basis.

I can't quite describe what alabaster cow is about because my mind has yet to grasp its awesomeness in its entirety, but according to E there is chihuahua shit and periods. And one of the top babies of all time (Ava is amazing. And beautiful. And on the list of women Knox is allowed to date in a few years). And BOOZE. Yummmmmm. Alcohol speak distracts me, so just go read it for yourself. Start with the part where she writes about me (and manages to make me sound so good I want to be friends with myself).

Hey! Did I mention she made me a button??????? SHE DID!!!!!!! So grab it and go. Go read her wittiness but don't forget to come back!


  1. omg we're married to the same man!!! i did the exact same thing for matt and then i'm all like "so did you like the blog post today?" and he's all like "mmm hmmm." and i'm like "so what was your favorite part?" and he says "um, i dunno, all of it." liar.

    and you know what's funny? whenever people don't capitalize i think it's douchey. i'm a major hypocrite.

    thank you for the kind blog post!! it's my favorite, you know, because i'm in it. :p

  2. Hahaha we should be careful to never allow our men in the same room. I now worry it actually is the same guy (in disguise), Chris does have pretty dreamy eyes and there's no way to cover up those orbs of loveliness.

    Bad idea though, because then how would we all get drunk on cheap booze together?

  3. the cheap boozing must definitely happen. the kiddos can take turns playing DD.

    and for some reason i think i should clarify to everyone reading this that i'm totally kidding. for the most part.

  4. It's ok not counting us and my non-reading husband we're down to only 22 people to report us. I'll figure out some blackmail on them. And I have a friend in CPS. She's got our back.

  5. So I'm following your blog because a) my daughter loves Hoo-hoo's and, b) I think that alabaster cow is the blog that I wish I would have created before Ericka got to it (as though it were out there in the ethers and she happened upon it first). I am also a wanna-be novelist who unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the day) has a deadline. That is, if I ever want to forget about the fact that it will have taken me eight years to finish a master's degree, I better get off my ass and write the damn novel.

    My daughter Jocelyn's first words were All Done, but I'm guessing that Aja's first will be Motherfucker.

  6. Thanks for the laugh (and for following) Michele! I am a little bummed Ericka discovered alabaster cow first as well. The name alone makes my owl want hide away in his owl home.

    Good luck on the novel!

  7. Awesome post about you my friend! And now I must follow Alabaster, and officially enter the land of blogstalker. I feel so naughty! Anywho- she cracked me up just like you! :)

    Hope you guys can come out for Casey's birthday on Saturday- will dreamy eyed Chris (he is!) be in Houston with you?