Monday, May 24, 2010

I Feel Clever, oh So Clever

Much to my husband's chagrin, I HATE throwing things away. Almost everything can be used for something or passed on to someone else. I occasionally watch Hoarders just to keep myself in check. I have friends who are baffled by the show and the lives it's people lead, but I live in fear of becoming them. Although I am no where near that crazy, the large canvas bag of baby food jars in the corner of the kitchen begs to differ.

It's not my fault, I am claiming genetics and blaming my brother. My brother taught me to save things from a very young age. Get your favorite candy trick-or-treating? Don't eat it, because you just might want it later and then it will be gone. This led to the candy never getting eaten and my mom throwing it away (with the uneaten Easter candy) within weeks of the next year's Halloween. I still feel bad about all those uneaten Bite-Sized Snickers. Maybe this is why I have no control over myself when I see a bowl of candy lying around these days. Back to my brother. This idea seemed to have been built into him. As a toddler he would actually hide dirty Kleenexes behind the couch because he didn't want to throw them away. That has amused me my entire life.

I have entirely digressed from the point I was trying to make. And I have completely destroyed the argument I was trying to make- that this ninja is clever.

I mostly cloth diaper my kid so I refused to purchase a Diaper Genie (even though my husband asked several times, "When are we going to get one of those diaper trashcan things?". I used several DG's and their equivalent in my nannying days, but there was no point for the extra expense and space for those few disposables we use. I love the Arm-n-Hammer tiny scented plastic bags, but those cost money (that we don't have). Recently I discovered something that works just as well. The produce bags from the grocery store are PERFECT. I use the ones I actually bring veggies home in, but go ahead, unroll yourself a few extra. No one will notice. Also great are the bags newspapers come in (steal your neighbors and then hand deliver their paper to the door- they'll think your a saint! Especially if you occasionally hand it off with a hot cup o' jo). And these are so long you can tie one crappy diaper in the bottom and save it for the next one. I know I give myself too much credit, but I just had to share.


  1. Cute column! Is your brother by chance on any episodes of HOARDERS?! (saving kleenex? ew!) Found you on blogflow! Jilly

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Luckily he married a clean freak :)
    Headed your way now!

  3. I am proud of you. As I mentioned on Alabaster Cow, my sister-in-law is going the cloth diaper route. It took a 20 minute explanation from her to me on how to work them. Fortunately for me my last child is almost potty trained - but clearly I'm entirely too dumb to figure out to use those cloth ones.

    Because of my dumbness I am totally willing to take 100% of the blame for global warming, etc. But you will be glad to know I do recycle!

  4. Thanks for reading! And for recycling :)
    I can cloth diaper but when lil dude was in a disposable tonight and poo busted out everywhere I was clueless about what to do. Apparently I am too dumb to clean up poo.
    Congrats on the potty training!