Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something Old and Something New

No, I am not getting remarried. Although after 17 months of wedded bliss I am thinking it's time to renew those vows. I gotta wear that dress again. To a party. However, I have been a slacker and have yet to order my wedding photo album (it's stressful ok!?!). So if my parents have to decide between murdering me over the photos and attending another party all about me and my snazzy white get-up..... can you say 1-8-7?

Back on track. This morning I was allowed a peek (and a taste) into the life of a juicer. I juiced and Knox juiced. My friends juiced. And then we juiced all over again. Yummmmmmm. After coffee (what would I do without you, caffeinated goodness)  we were started off with a cool, refreshing glass of cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, apple "skin juice" (so sorry if I screwed up the ingredients Christy!). And the skin is what it's good for, not a disgusting 5th ingredient. Wow that makes me think of how awesome it would have been to have a juicer when I was like 8 making witches brew in the bucket in the back yard. Let's see: mud, june bugs, leaves, and a moth. Don't drink. When it could of been the green concoction listed above. Possibly as scary at that age as eating the bug mud, but in the name of authenticity I definitely would have downed the juice. And then pretended I was a cat (ok, I did the cat bit anyway, and I was a damn good over-sized feline).

Next juice: carrot apple ginger juice. Wow. I may start randomly appearing on Christy's doorstep after my rockin' bit of German engineering "breaks down" while I just happen to be on the island (around juice time!). Even the kid loved it. Thanks Christy!

I told you guys (on the mishap) if you follow me I will post about your most fantastic features. Well, Christy has more going for her than just juice so imagine the ideal human being with luscious, juice infused skin that's willing to run in knee deep sand.

Thanks for the writing assistance, kid. Somewhere under all that is my lap.

*Originally posted April 28, 2010*

Two point five days out of town and I packed myself a pair of jeans and two shirts. One of those shirts is reserved for the drive home and plans I have upon my return. The other shirt got peed on. Awesome. I didn't mention the most comfortable dress in the world that I wore for the drive up here. That dress has been worn 5 times and never washed. Once I put it in the dryer with a Downy sheet so it would smell clean, does that count? I know. I am gross. I did, however, overdo it on the underwear. Maybe I can fashion the eight extra panties I have into a shirt.

And I forgot makeup.


  1. Awww, aren't they so peaceful and angelic when they are sleeping?

    My two year old looks so sweet when he is resting...and then the tornado wakes up... :P

  2. LOL - I always overpack when it comes to underwear!

    Found you through Blog Flow - I'm your newest follower!


  3. haha I like the sound of the tornado. We call our the Knoxmonster

    And thanks to both of you for coming by and following!