Friday, May 21, 2010

I Went for a Run (just once)

Last weekend I ran a marathon. Ok I lied. I ran part of a marathon. But it was a relay, I didn't cheat. Once upon a time I was an athlete. A pretty badass athlete actually (and where, other than your very own blog, can you brag openly about yourself?). But that was a few years back. Since then I have 1) had my ankle reconstructed with a tendon from my thigh 2) dislocated my elbow (I'll tell you about that sometime, it was classic) 3) fractured my back (another classic story- this one even involves alcohol and party shoes) and been told by experts (a.k.a doctors) that my body wasn't built for pounding the pavement. I love having this excuse for my hatred of jogging around the block more than once.

Back to marathon. So about 6 weeks back I get a call from Amy, "Hey! We need someone for our Beach to Bay team. Interested? I'll fill you in later." So later included drinks and I'm going to blame the combination of alcohol and my good conscience (I don't want to let anybody down) on my agreement to run. Flash forward 5 weeks during which I am constantly wondering if I really agreed to this or if maybe Amy forgot since we haven't spoken of it since. And I am afraid to bring up the subject. One week before the big event it is confirmed that yes, I AM on the team and signed up for the longest leg, 4.7 miles. What luck!

The big Saturday arrives and I had not run in at least 2 years (except 1.5 miles +.5 mile walk ON MONDAY). I arrive at my post well ahead of schedule and it is raining. The rain quickly turns into a full blown storm complete with thunder and lightning. I stood there cold and wet in the storm for an hour (hardcore, I know). But just before Amy arrives to hand off the baton (8 inches of PVC pipe) the rain lightens enough for me to bust out the ipod and Alexander McCall Smith's book on cd reads me to the finish line. 51 minutes with an average heart rate of 188.

Or what I thought was the finish line. Apparently cars weren't allowed anywhere near the naval base that my leg of the race was run on so instead of waiting with 200+ people for a bus (busload of wet, sweaty people- gross) I walked. And walked. An additional 2 miles. Like I said, "Just my luck."

This highly attractive photo of me is my proof. Seriously. You have to work to look this hot.

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