Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving the Mishap

Ok. I am going to be a little annoying here and make a big change. I've decided to combine the daily mishap with this owl to make things simpler. And more organized. Since my life almost completely lacks organization I figured I could start cleaning my virtual space and hopefully my actual environment will kindly follow suit. Not likely, but at least I will feel at peace online. Sad huh? Anyway, I plan to gradually (or all at once, we'll see) move the posts I have previously written from there to here. I don't want to lose them all together in the deletion process. So that's the annoying part. I apologize in advance for posts you may already have read popping up as "new". I know you get all tingly when you see I've written something new and I hate to get you all tense 'n excited and then let you down... but in the long run it's all for the good.

And the last review sucked. Not the book, just the review so I deleted it and will re-review when I am in the proper mood. I just threw that one together out of guilt for slacking.


  1. i dig the owl.

    and getting me tense 'n excited and then letting me down?? who are you? my husband?


  2. Hahaha thanks for diggin' this and for the laugh. I believe I have one more person (radical you) for whose comments I will continue writing

    And I think radical should come back, I really overuse awesome