Wednesday, March 23, 2011

False Memory

False Memory            I know, I know.... another one from Dean. I told you I was running out of ideas on what bocd's to check out at the library. But, GOOD NEWS! This one is quite good. I'm not saying it's destined to be a classic or anything but in terms of entertainment value and orinigal idea I am liking this one. I'm not going to say much becaue I don't want to give anything away. Actually this is making it hard to really tell you anything.

Let's see... nevermind, worst written book review right here. Can I leave it at that and still expect you might read it?

Some interesting characters, false or real or implanted memories, a small bit of suspense, and a lovable dog. This is a little bit more what I was expecting when the kind man at the library told me Dean resembled our good friend Stephen King. And I want to go read the Manchurian Candidate now.

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