Monday, February 28, 2011

February Recap

Scariest things from February:

I dreamed I was Alice and I was in Wonderland (AWESOME!) but I had to kill a dragon (jabberwocky?). It also knew I was going to try and kill it so it was hunting me.

I ate Cheezits I found in my pocket with the white rabbit so we could shrink and fit through a guinea pig hole (also AWESOME!) but we weren't shrinking small enough and the dragon came for us (scary)

Maybe the big lump in the unmade bed is a dead body. Or a ghost.

The house next door is boarded up and looks abandoned because vampires live there.

And some awesome stuff so you aren't afraid to sleep tonight:

Opened MonsterEgo etsy shop! 

Sold first monster shirt!!!!!!!!!

Started a new job in addition to subbing.

Joined a pretty rockin' book club.

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