Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slow day in the work world.....

So I broke down and got a job (actually it fell in my lap one night while I was drinking a beer). For a week. Well technically more than a week but it's only a real full time job for a week. One week. And I am half way through. The first three weeks when it was a real job but also kind of a pretend job (well it wasn't a pretend job but there were people helping me a long and giving instructions that I fulfilled and then got new instructions) I could come and go and such. I got paid for it and that pretty much rocked. But there was lots to do. This week, here on my lonesome working 9 hours a day and ready to spread my fictional (they aren't fictional I just hide them well under my clothes) wings, it. is. dead. Dead. Did someone spread the word that the pretty girl in finance is out of town and the other pretty girl (let's face it- and take a page from the Creative Liar here- mirrors love me. I once had a mirror reach out and caress my face. I might have rubbed my face on the mirror but it's the same thing.).... to catch you up on that sentence... the other pretty girl in finance doesn't actually know what she's doing. BUT I DO! I DO know what I am doing. Spread the word.

So in my abundance of spare time I did a lot of unfiling crap destined for the shredder. And I filed a lot of other crap that in less than a year's time will mostly likely be sliding through the sharp and steely fingers of the same shredder that consumed their papery friends. While I did this I listened to a book on cd. I have also drank coffee. Lots and lots and lots of coffee. The more coffee I drink the more often I have to pee and that gives me something to do.

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