Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dragon Tears

Dragon TearsDean Koontz is everywhere and that is the main reason I have avoided reading him up until this point. That being said, I was running low on books on cd authors I know and like at the library. Downtown has a fairly impressive selection of BOCD's but if you go with plans to on listening to a specific author you will quite possibly leave the library disappointed. If you were in the hunt for a specific title by said specific author.... well, let's just say I hope you're flexible. Like Gumby on a hot day flexible.

A year ago I would quietly take my time browsing picking two or three to try out; new authors, new titles.... Since then a certain monster has turned my quiet library time into a sad and frustrating affair. We enter inconspicuously enough. Me, the doting mother lovingly embracing the angelic child as we stroll through the double doors whispering secrets about the stories inside. Him, the aforementioned angelic child, smiling sweetly and waving ever so gracefully to onlookers... And we reach the BOCD section. As I read the first title, he begins simultaneously thrashing his body around and reaching for the books. To avoid the inevitable head butt to the face I am craning my neck as far from my own body as I can trying to at least glimpse the titles (authors names are too small to worry about at this point). With my attention faltering ever so slightly, the monster takes advantage and yanks one off the shelf. Before he can damage the thing (we're at the library in an attempt to not pay for books) I wrench it from his grasp bringing forth the cry of anger. This cry is not cute, not silent, and not appreciated at the library. I then set him down thinking I'll be able to pick quicker and more efficiently without lugging him thrashing (and now screaming) down the aisle and maybe he'll cheer up and get quiet. He does get quiet and is cheered by the new game of shoving all the books back as far as they'll go on the shelf with one hand and choosing the most interesting ones to re-shelve somewhere better with other hand. Following behind correcting "the situation" is my best bet at reading a couple titles and choosing from there. A thirty second window (max) because next comes the best part. Realizing his game is about to end, the monster sprints for the end of the row, turns a sharp left and chooses a new aisle at random. I follow in close pursuit. Seeing me behind him is just too hilarious for words so he squeals his glass shattering, ear piercing "happy scream" and collapses in LOUD laughter as I scoop him off the floor. Did I mentioned the high, vaulted ceilings of this library were acoustically designed to perfectly enhance and echo all sound? Cuz they do
So back to Dean. I am flying solo at the library the other week (aaaawesooome) and notice a gentlemen in my section eying The Thirteenth Tale. You know how I feel about that one so I can't keep quiet and let this man miss out on that experience so I speak up and some friendly book talk ensues. I mention I've been listen to a lot of Stephen King lately but have run out of his titles so I am at a loss of where to go from there. Nice man recommends Dean claiming he is Stephen-esque and pointing out a few of his favorite titles. Thanks nice man, I'll take over from here.

Dragon Tears is an okay book. It's along the lines of Stephen King, but just seemed a little less intelligent. Somewhat similar to James Patterson stylistically, but a little more original.  (sidenote: Patterson detective novel readers would probably really dig this guy)The first few chapters I was annoyed with the abundance of unnecessary analogies, but if I'm completely truthful once I got into the story I didn't notice them. There's a detective and his predictable feelings about a female partner. A few interesting homeless people and cool dog. Parts of the story are told from the dog's point of view in a voice the reader seemed to think was "dog-like". I thought his voice was dog-like and it was a clever/different perspective overall. Then there's the Stephen-esque supernatural twist that brings these characters together. An entertaining read (listen) that was just intriguing enough to bring me back for more. On cd. I doubt I'll be purchasing or actually reading any of his books (I'd quietly apologize to him here, but with countless faithful readers and a slew of books already under his belt, me and my 39 -thanks guys!- followers aren't going to hurt his pride too much) but I will get his other audio books from the library.

And the gentleman DID check out The Thirteenth Tale. Not quite an even trade suggestion for Dragon Tears but I guess I've got a new author and he just got one book. Wish I knew what he thought of it.......

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