Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello there. It's difficult to type hello with an underachieving "L". Sometimes I have to stretch my mouth. The sides feel strange and I have to go 'Ahhhh' but without the sound. Open open as wide as my mouth will go and it stretches it out. And it feels nice. Sometimes though is sometimes an hour. So often I am walking through the grocery and streeeeeeetch. Strangers probably think I am growling. Or baring my teeth like a gorilla lookin' for a fight. Also, I tried this experiment several months back  with the intention of writing about it. I tried to not talk about myself at all for a whole day. NOT possible. The whole idea came about because I was feeling like I talk about myself (and my dude but he's so awesome you want to hear about him anyway) a lot. One kind individual that was clued into the experiment early on was kind enough to point out that if I thought I talked to much I was aware of the amount I talked and therefor it was not in excess.

First of all it took I several attempts to get through a day. Well, let's face it, I never got past half a day. BUT this brings us to the findings of my mini study and that is: if you don't ever talk about yourself or add your own anecdotes to a conversation YOU ARE BORING. Seriously. What I found out in the end is that it is these little bits of you that make up a conversation and carry it forward.

Also. Streeeeeeeeeeetch. That's how people get to know you. I was recently told by a new friend, "You (as in me) are really easy to get to know." It's because I share too much. Same friend (you know who you are and you give the best compliments) told me I was a "Pandora's box". I have loves of random knowledge and experience. And yes, I will be carrying that little tidbit around and throwing it in the face of people that don't believe me when I say I am awesome. I am awesome.

I am also a wee bit drunk.


  1. Drunk, sober, you're stellar in my book. And I should know, because I, too, am awesome.

  2. i can't believe i was {anonymously} referenced in your drunken, reflective post.
    best. day. ever.
    you are, and always will be, pandora's box to me...

  3. The comments/compliments from the two of you made me as happy as reading what I myself wrote about me made me happy. Clever and witty friends (aka you two) make me smile

  4. P.S. I am pleased you know who you are read my post and recognized yourself :)