Friday, February 25, 2011

Secret Daughter

Secret Daughter: A NovelThis book came to me by way of recommendation and I am so glad it did. Mostly because it's not something I would have been likely to find or choose on my own. This addictive read tells the story of family spread across the globe. There are two families in India unrelated by blood but nevertheless bound together by a daughter and granddaughter. The other side of the story is told from California following the journey of an American woman and her Indian husband and their attempts for a child.

Although I was almost immediately sucked into the book reading more at a time than I intended (short chapters have a way of doing that to me) I worried early on that it was highly predictable and while entertaining, there just wasn't going to be much substance. I was wrong. Once the initial storyline and characters are developed I quit bothering trying to map out their next move and just enjoyed the read. I also learned a lot about Indian culture and was impressed by the author's imagery. Without getting detailed and wordy she created quite the realistic picture of India in my mind.

A fairly quick read with short chapters that jump around between characters. It was great story to hear from various view points, I sympathized with almost every character in the book, never dreading reading a particular persons chapters as sometimes happens with this style of storytelling. And I kind of want to try on a sari. Not only are the fabrics beautiful but apparently it's comfortable and flattering.


  1. Love this post!!! Now I want to pick this book up ASAP! Maybe for maternity leave... :)

  2. Hahaha! Maternity leave is THE BEST excuse to read to your heart's content while holding/nursing a sweet baby.