Monday, June 28, 2010

This is so faar past due I don't even know what to call it...

I have been gone so long I don't know where to start, so I'll just ask... are you watching Last Comic Standing? Cuz you should be. Unlike it's obnoxious counterparts this show exploits actual comedians that are actually hilarious. No idiotic 20-somethings that are much much less attractive than they think they are... no one with an amazing voice (says their mother)... and no random talents. I have to butt in here and say I dislike talent contests because I am good at a lot of s*#$ but none of it qualifies as a talent. At least not in my book. As a kid I feared (quivered in mah sneakers) the age-old get to know you question "what's your hidden talent?". If I had some random awesome talent you can be dang sure I would have been sharing it without being asked!

You may have noticed my comic strip expletive. We'll see how this goes. My loving husband was offended by the use of my very favorite curse word in my previous post. Apparently he has never actually had a conversation with me. So no offense, Chris. (Haha I thought it would be really fun to add "but f^%* off" right here, but in order to remain married, I staid my twitching fingers.)

I spent the last two weeks sitting through alternative teaching certification. For those non-Texans, this is to become a teacher via an alternate method not learning to teach in alternative ways (or in an alternate universe :(  ). I hate that it is nearly impossible to use a smiley face near a parenthesis, because what better way is there to boldly share your emotion with the world than by smushing together some punctuation. (Side not: occasionally I "lose words" in my head and sadly I just had to ask Chris (dang! when I just mocked him) for 'punctuation'.)

There will be much more to come on those classes and the other class inhabitants (you may not know this but people are WEIRD). In the mean time I have to mention the storm in the gulf. I have two things to say here.
1. I think it is awesome that not only do storms have names but they are used as if one is speaking of another human being. "Alex has increased in strength today." Way to go buddy.
2. The media seems to be always searching for new and original catch phrases. Everything has to be named or whatever. You know what I'm talking about, no reason to keep rambling. Anyway, this afternoon one particularly helpful weatherman let me know that I am living in the "Three Day Cone of Uncertainty". What?!? Thanks? The only thing that could make that make more sense is if it was spoken in a booming, ethereal, God-like voice.

Last thing for today. I have this great cat. (Four great cats). But this one specifically is very pretty (white Persian) but lives up to the pretty and dumb stereotype. However, occasionally she surprises us all. Exhibit A. It took her all of 24 hours to figure out the cat door at my parents house. (It goes laundry room to garage). Unfortunately, then she was stuck on the other side (in the garage) and terrified for hours. Exhibit B. Knox has become quite adept at catching the cats in the few days we've been back. He can only crawl, but figured out how to corner them and then dive when they run past. Mid-dive he gets two handholds of fur and flesh, sits down, and gently (ha!) drags them into his lap squealing insanely. So tonight Angel (the pretty blonde) outsmarts him by jumping backwards into the pack 'n play when she's cornered against it. The remainder of the evening she sits quietly watching his every move. Knox goes to bed. A couple hours pass. Chris comes home, walks through the living room, "Angel! Get out of there!", lifts and tosses the poor thing on the floor. Yep. She'd been stuck again.


  1. I love Last Comic Standing, do not know what the hell a "three day cone of uncertainty" is, but hope I'm not living in one, and Do NOT show your dh my blog...err...or apparently this comment either! Great post!

  2. Hahaha! I had no idea (after 6 years!) that curse words in print had such an effect on him. In "real life" I average at least one an hour, and that's only if I don't injure myself

  3. LOLOL! Love the Cone of Uncertainty. It's just enough to make you go get a few extra bottles of water (like that'll do any good), but not quite enough to make you want to splurge on a generator.

  4. Exactly! I don't want to be the weirdos that board up, but then I REALLY don't want to be the unprepared ones that people shake their heads at after the storm.