Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lazy Days

Our summer days would not have been near as lazy so far if we weren't being washed away in torrents of rainfall (is that even proper phrasing?). Today alone we got 4.3 INCHES in about 4.3 hours. This was the 3rd day (in 2 weeks) since I have been been visiting/hanging out with/working for my old nanny kiddoes of rain. Not the everyday pool adventure I had dreamed of. Stupid me, I literally half imagined my 10 month old would be swimming at the end of the visit. Maybe in the backyard. The incessant rain and the kid's insane obsession with wheels is what led to this
We were just hanging out on the porch watching the rain and he couldn't stand that truck being 15 feet away and stationary. You can imagine endless days of either 95 degrees or non-stop rain can get a little wearisome with 3 kids in the house so first chance I got I tried my best to lower the opposition's numbers and take one down.  OK not really, but I was ever so innocently playing catch in the country club pool with a 6 six year old and gave him a bloody nose. In front of several mothers. That I know. That know 6 year old's mother. Oops. I tried to keep him from freaking out as I carried him from the pool and told him that "No buddy, you aren't bleeding, I just want to wipe the water off your face" but the random kids walking by shouting "Hey MOM! That kid is BLEEDING!" were really fucking up my plan. It all worked out and the mothers above mentioned to 6 year old's mother how well I handled the blood with 3 kids (apparently they hadn't noticed I had inflicted the injury- all part of my plan to set myself up to look good) and how great I looked in my bikini. Brag about me blog time!  (Not rude because every mom who spends their days sans makeup chasing an infant needs a boost of self-confidence) And by the way 6 year old's mother thought it was hilarious.

I apologize now for the long delay between posts (I'm sure you were beside yourselves trying to figure out what I was doing!) but even though I've spent several days inside, 10 feet from my computer, I have also played approximately 30 hours of monopoly. Wish this was an exaggeration. It is not. I can quote every "Chance" and "Community Chest" card if you give me the first word. I can also spout out most of the rental fees. I am looking forward to returning home to my husband and playing him just to show off my new skills. And I now offer my services to you. Any familial monopoly disputes? Bring them to the table, I am a walking rule book. You may now advance to the nearest railroad. If unowned you may buy it from the bank. If owned, pay owner twice the rent to which they are entitled.

Also, I hope my hiatus has allowed everyone to check out some other awesome blogs (blogflow anyone?) and I promise to gradually return the favor and check out some new sites!


  1. blood is awesome. i have no idea why people freak out about it.

    never apologize for looking good in a bikini. at least i don't.

    i've been reading lately instead of blogging. but i shall look into this monopoly you speak of...

  2. Of course you look good in a bikini! DUH. You probably looked better in a bikini at 8.5 months pregnant (not 9, though) than most! Thank y'all so much for coming out the other night- next time you both are in town, let's prearrange some sitters and go out for real together! Let's get BLASTED!

  3. I wish I looked good in a bikini. No seriously, that was an awesome post. I understand those hot days, I'm from Texas. Humidity is a killer and the mosquitoes are so bad I can't take my two year old outside. At least you got some rain though! That's pretty rare down here right now.:) Can you share some over here please?

  4. That truck is so big it looks like your baby could get in and drive it!! : )

    Found you on BlogFlow and happy I did. x

  5. I am sooooo far behind but thanks for stopping by Melanie AND Maxabella!