Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Help

The Help       I first heard about The Help last fall and I was intrigued. Then I talked to a friend that reads a ton and I frequently share books with. She didn't love it and I was a little put off after hearing her take. Then a few weeks ago I talked to another friend whose book choices I respect and she also didn't love it. This changed my mind from being entirely disinterested to wanting to read it more than ever.( I just got home from book club and have had a few drinks so pardon the possible incoherency. More on the best book club in history to come soon.)

Long story (that I already told) short, I saw the book on second friend's shelf and stole it. Well, I borrowed it but it would've been a better story if I had stolen, read it, and replaced it complete with a handwritten thank you note tucked inside the cover.

Contrary to what I expected, I loved the book. If I remember correctly, my friends' complaints had been mainly that the voice in the story wasn't authentic. I won't entirely disagree mostly because the book is told from three different points of view that are a little too similar, but it was still a great story.

The story is ultimately that of all African American women working in southern white homes during the early civil rights movement.  It follows three women: a white lady in her early twenties, a middle-aged black woman maid, and a younger black maid, and their relationships with other members of the community. I am trying not to give too much away. The first night I started in to  it I was hooked and spent the next week reading way too late at night. I have been dragging my way through a daze ever since and am convinced I'm still about 19 hours behind on sleep.

P.S. I keep promising myself I'll post more frequently but then I get overwhelmed with trying to write the best, most entertaining, wittiest review and in the end write nothing. So here on out I am just going to review and if a handful of them suck, it's still better than them not existing at all. So slog through the crappy ones and enjoy the others. Thanks and go read The Help.

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