Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Accidental Leave of Absence

I had no intention of disappearing back into reality and locking the metaphorical door to my online creative escape (I'll give you a hint here since this sentence is declining into something without meaning, the creative escape is The Owl), but somewhere amidst the pile of a fabric scraps I buried the words that used to compose paragraphs for your reading pleasure. Basically I've been sewing a lot. AND the tiny monster has forced me to keep the computer closed during all his waking hours. And there are LOTS of hours when he is awake. And a few days turns into several days that make a week and two weeks and a month and two months and.... and then the weather (FINALLY) cools off and I sit in the dim light filtering through the overcast gloom and then filtering again through the solar screens on the windows drinking Earl Grey and reading a book that makes me laugh. Out loud. I can't wait to share this book now that it's done that so others can laugh too, but what about the line up books I've been reading and not reporting on. After all, there are 39 people (and their friends) stuck rereading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (although I hope some of my higher achieving readers were able to move on to the sequel without my prompting) waiting ever so hopefully for some literary direction.


  1. Oh I must know what this new book is! And it's amazing how long they stay awake for, the babies I mean. She's really conning me into letting her stay awake for long periods of time. Little sneak.

  2. They are sneaky little things aren't they? I am impressed with how quickly you returned to the owl after the long and regrettable absence. Many thanks :)