Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introducing Alter Egos!

I randomly go on a creative streak, but a couple weeks ago I created a doll on a whim for the kid's friend on her birthday. I think this project is going to stick around for awhile (it has to, it's got a brand name and everything!). The inspiration. For a big group birthday party for kiddos turning 1, we drew names out of a hat and gifted Secret Santa style. The kid got his friend Ava and we decided to get her a set of instruments. Two nights before the birthday bash, on a whim, I decided to make her a dancing monster doll to go with the instruments. Limited by an 8x11 sheet of printer paper I drew an outline and went from there with fabric scraps I already had. The Alter Ego name popped into my head as I made AE Ava because her mom and I both happen to refer to our progeny as monsters on their bad days. My little disclaimer is that the Egos have improved along the way owing partly to figuring out improvements and partly to the time crunch on the first two.

Alter Ego Ava
Ava has THE BEST hair that is stick straight and isn't afraid to stand up in the back. She wears her skirt short so it's not in the way as she sprints through the house terrorizing Chihuahuas. Is she waving? Is she dancing? It depends on her mood, but hike up that short skirt and she'll tell you who she is. When she's had enough of you for the day she crawls off displaying her special birthday patch.

Alter Ego Chloe
Chloe is a girl with some serious dance moves. Although she wears her skirt longer, it's loose and flowing to allow maximum hip sway while still swishing to the beat. Her blonde hair can have a mind of its own, but her fancy bow keeps it in check. Talk sweetly and she'll show you her "tattoos".

Alter Ego Lola
Miss Lola loves strutting around waving to friends and showing off her mini, reversible BabyHawk (and her baby). Sometimes she even leaves baby and Hawk at home so the locals can get a better view of her kickin' tutu inspired skirt. Miss Lola has 12 strands of gorgeous dark hair, one for every month of her first year, and if you compliment her bow she might even show you her secret heart.


  1. I MUST have one!!!!! Tell me how much and you've got it!

    GREAT work, Anna!!

  2. LMAO!!!!! haha i could have written that about ava - she and her alter ego are tight! and i just died when i saw lola's - soooo cute!! so when do you open up your etsy store and when can i do a giveaway/product review on my blog?? :p

    but seriously - you need to sell these!!

  3. Thanks SO MUCH girls!!! R- you are on the list! And I am still figuring out price, but definitely cheaper for my peeps :) (oh that includes you by the way)
    And E- I am seriously thinking about setting up and etsy store. I am trying to improve my efficiency, the 12+ hours per doll isn't going to cut it, and come up with a few other designs and THEN hopefully my own shoppe! (i prefer the olde english way of speech)