Monday, December 20, 2010

yeah whatever, i came back, and it's my birthday

Ok I have been on accidental hiatus. AGAIN. I am sticking with that term though, partly because I made it up and partly because it's true. Mostly because I made it up. SO while I sit outside at 12:30 AM ON MY BIRTHDAY to watch the lunar eclipse that is happening ON MY BIRTHDAY I am going to binge blog. And then just to trick you wacky people I'm going to store them up in drafts and release them to the world when the time is right
I feel it is my duty to monitor this eclipse for several reasons:

ONE: Everyone else is going to fall asleep before it happens but I will stay awake since IT'S MY BIRTHDAY

TWO: The actual covered up, color changing moon part is supposed to happen within minutes  (MINUTES) of the time when I WAS ACTUALLY BORN

THREE: If ever one was going to have something life changing happen to them (alien abduction, visions of the future, sprouting of a third arm), it will be me. tonight. see number TWO for my reasoning

FOUR: I've never been one of those lovey dovey, oooey gooey, mushy gushy (ok you get the point) people that gazes upon the stars and thinks about my cats (well turned into my parents' cats) living without me but gazing up at the very same stars. BUT tonight they are looking at the very same ECLIPSE! Even better is that my big brother is watching the same eclipse. (Some day I'll bore you all with stories of how I idolized that dude from the day I WAS BORN!) The main difference here is he is watching it from a park. With friends. I am watching it from the driveway. With a computer. Drinking Christmas.

FIVE: I'll take any excuse to wake up the monster in the middle of the night ON MY BIRTHDAY to cuddle. And what's a cooler excuse than so I can tell him he saw the first lunar eclipse to happen on the shortest day of the year since the 1500's. (AND IT HAPPENED ON HIS MOM'S BIRTHDAY!)

Before I leave you all panting with the excitement of my return combined with your enthusiasm for this very special day, I must inform you that it is currently too cloudy to even see the moon. I am not typically a fan of abbreviations subscribing to the league of people who believe in grammar, but WTF.

Also, I have heard a few strange noises. I hope it isn't the aliens. I also hope the noises stop. I don't want to have to tell people I missed the eclipse because I went inside for fear of the aliens.

I think the noises are cats.


  1. Hahaha, your words are too entertaining! I especially love that you got to drink some Chrismas ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!

  2. Thanks Natalie! YEP! All by myself AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!

  3. 1. You rock so hard my teeth ache.
    2. Drinking Christmas? Is Christmas a new vodka I haven't heard about?
    3. Happy Birthday!! (Although that's a pretend third because it's actually number one).
    4. Yes it is. (In regards to the aliens. And don't tell them Matt and I watched The Fourth Kind. They'll get sad. And then angry. And then sad again).

  4. Haha Ericka! You seriously inspire me to blog more frequently (which is New Year's Resolution numero uno. Although I haven't decided if it will be "Blog more frequently LIKE Ericka" or just plain ol' "BE Ericka"). And Christmas: Belvedeere Vodka flavors of the night tastes like Christmas. Throw in sprite and frozen raspberries and you've got yourself some holiday on ice.