Thursday, April 15, 2010

Books on CD

For everyone who has never listened to a BOCD, I just want to let you know that you are missing out. Listening in the car improves driving (who cares how long it takes to get somewhere when Alice JUST fell in a giant hole), makes household chores infinitely more entertaining, and I know everyone wants to run to music, but it's easier to go just a little further (farther???) while you wait for the chapter to end. I will be honest and tell you some readers are better than others and no adult has perfected the voice of a child, or really come that close, but once you get into the story it's easy to forget about these minor annoyances. It's the perfect solution for getting through all those books you've been wanting/meaning/pretending to read for years. Now instead of smiling and nodding when someone references Hemingway or Tolstoy you'll not only FINALLY know what they are talking about, but you can toss out your own bit of wisdom.

The bad part. BOCD are expensive. More expensive than a brand new, just released hard cover and they don't look as nice poised on your shelf. The good part. They are FREE at the library. Most of you probably haven't been to the library since cramming for finals and have no idea the stuff you can get from those places. Some libraries even have art and sculptures you can check out. Bi-monthly home redecoration anyone? Libraries are also much more abundant that you probably realize. Sometimes libraries have BOCD that you can download from home with a library card. Then there is Hastings (and probably other stores) that have BOCD rentals. So, no  more excuses, try it just once and see if life doesn't become slightly more entertaining.

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